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Storybook Montage

Let's create a Storybook Montage as a highlight to your Reception.  

What is a Storybook Montage?

Let's tell your story

The Storybook Montage is an additional feature we can add to your Reception to highlight the most important times of your life and relationship.  

Give me 100 photos and I'll turn your life in pictures into a beautiful story that spans your early childhood, your first meeting, and highlights of your relationship and engagement.  

I'll sync your pictures to music and text that takes you through all those memorable times in your life.

What you'll get:

• Professionally produced video montage to be shown at any time at your Reception.

• 100" Screen and professional Epson projector.

• Three DVD copies with 5x7 prints, front and back, one for you and one for each side of the family.  

Call about prices.